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The Gelatine Range - A Medical Aid

Gelatine is virtually indispensible in the Medical and Pharmaceutical field and is specifically processed for extensive use in hard capsules, soft capsules, micro capsules, tablets and other coating applications.

A unique process has also been developed to provide gelatine suitable for use in the manufacture of intravenous plasma extenders. Its application as blood substitute infusions during extreme life risk situations is invaluable. The gelatine used in these are made so that its decomposition after administration takes place completely without leaving any residue and without imposing strain on any particular human organ.


Gelatine is very extensively used in the edible preparations the world over. It offers the following unique and unrivalled set of excellent characteristics.

Gelatine is a very easily digestible protein.
Gelatine is a pure and natural food protein containing most of the amino acids essential for human nutrition.
Gelatine is added to other foods to increase the protein content.
Gelatine being a food product in its own right, is absolutely safe for human consumption.
human hair uk Gelatine serves to support dietary preparations.

The manufacture of several coated and bonded abrasives including industrial grinding wheels use gelatines specially made suitable for high bonding of silicon carbide and aluminium oxide grains.

Other extensive applications include use in the manufacture of extra hard printer rollers, cork compositions and water dispersible pesticides. We also manufacture protein colloids for defence usage for making ball powder.


Without gelatine, photography would not be what it is today, a hobby for millions. Gelatine is more than just a bonding agent for the light-sensitive silver salts and together with these, it forms the photographically active emulsion. This is probably the most important factor in the use of gelatine for photography. At Narmada Gelatines Ltd. We ensure that the manufacturer gets the best clarity & sharpness of image on his films and X-ray rolls.

In the dark room the gelatine allows chemical substances that are necessary for photographic developing to penetrate sufficiently into the emulsion, and in a similar way it allows these solutions to be washed away after developing.