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Policy on Preservation of Documents



This Policy is for determination of period for preservation of documents of Narmada Gelatines Limited ("the Company"). The Board of Directors (the "Board") of the Company has approved the Policy on Preservation of Documents /Records ("the Policy") maintained by the Company either in Physical Mode or Electronic Mode ("the Documents"). It also deals with the retention and destruction of documents, in hard and electronic media.


This Policy has been formulated in accordance with the Regulation 9 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (Listing Regulations), which states that the Company should frame a formal policy on Preservation of Documents classifying them in at least two categories as follows:

  • (a) Documents whose preservation shall be permanent in nature;
  • (b) Documents with preservation period of not less than eight years after completion of the relevant transactions.

The purpose of this Policy is to fortify that all the essential documents and records of the Company are satisfactorily protected and preserved as per the statutory requirements and to safeguard the records of the Company and those records which are no longer required or are worthless are destructed after following the due process. This Policy is also for the purpose of serving employees of the Company in understanding their responsibilities and commitments in possessing and preserving the documents and records which are required to be maintained as per the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


The Chief Executive Officer/ Wholetime Director of the Company is the Administrator in charge of this Policy. His responsibilities are supervising the preservation, retention and destruction of documents according to the Document Preservation Schedule provided in Appendix-I. The administrator may modify and review the Document Preservation Schedule to comply with local, State and Central Laws and monitor compliance with this Policy.

Other responsible parties

The Company's Board of Directors, officers, staff, consultants, and volunteers are also subject to this policy and may assist Administrator, wherever applicable. These responsible parties may share a document (one which does NOT contain confidential information) for personal purposes only with consent of the Administrator. When a responsible party leaves the Company, he/she is expected to return or destroy all documents containing confidential information, as determined by the Administrator.

Electronic documents

As per the said Regulations, the Company is permitted to maintain its records in Electronic mode also.

The Administrator will establish standards for document integrity, including guidelines for handling electronic files, backups, archiving documents, and checking the reliability of the system.

Emergency planning

Documents are to be stored in a safe and accessible place, and essential documents should be regularly duplicated or backed up. The Administrator should develop reasonable procedures for document retention in the case of an emergency.


The Administrator determines how privacy laws apply to the Company's documents and ensures compliance with those laws.

Procedure for disposal of Documents

The documents of the Company which are no longer required as per the time schedule prescribed in the Appendix-I may be destroyed. The Administrator may direct Employees in charge from time to time to destroy the documents which are no longer required as per the Documents Preservation Schedule given under Appendix-I. The details of the documents destroyed by the Company shall be recorded in the Register for Disposal of Records (format given in Appendix-II) to be kept by Employees who are disposing of the Documents clearly specifying the particulars of documents destroyed and date and mode of destruction with the initials of authorized person.

Suspension of document destruction

The Company is obliged to preserve documents when any notice calling for documents from any of the Statutory Authorities, or any litigation, audit or a government investigation is anticipated irrespective of the time limit mentioned for the documents mentioned in the given schedule in Appendix-I. Thus, if Administrator becomes aware that any litigation, a governmental audit or a government investigation has been instituted, the Administrator shall immediately suspend destruction of related documents and the suspension shall continue till such time the matter is settled or resolved or disposed of. Failure to comply with this Policy could result in possible civil or criminal sanctions.

Communication/ Disclosure of this Policy

For all new Employees and Directors, a copy of this Policy shall be handed over as a part of the joining documentation, along with other HR related policies. For all existing Employees and Directors, a copy of this Policy shall be handed over within one month of the adoption of this Policy by the Board of Directors of the Company. This Policy shall also be posted on the website of the Company.

Effective Date

This policy will become effective from 1st December 2015.

Review of the Policy

The Board will review this Policy and make revisions as may be required to comply with various laws and compliances from time to time. The decision of the Board in this respect shall be final and binding.


  Particulars of Document Period for which Document should be retained
  Minutes of Board Meeting Permanent
  Minutes of Annual General Meetings and Extra – Ordinary General Meetings Permanent
  Minutes of various Committees Meetings Permanent
  Statutory Registers Permanent
  Index of Members Permanent
  Register of Members Permanent
  Licenses, Certificates and  Permissions Permanent
  Management Policies and Procedures Permanent
  Scrutinizer Reports Permanent
  Statutory Forms Permanent
  Annual Returns 8 years from the date of filing with MCA
  Annual Financials 8 years from the date of filing with MCA
  Attendance Registers of various meetings 8 years
  Agenda Papers of Board Meetings / Committee Meetings 8 years
  Notice of Board Meetings / Committee Meetings 8 years
  Notice of General Meetings 8 years
  Annual Reports, Auditors Reports, Directors' Reports & Financial Statements Permanent
  Investment Records Permanent
  Fixed Assets Register Permanent
  Bank Statements 8 years
  Annual Budgets 8 years
  Books of Accounts 8 years
  Ledgers and Vouchers supporting 8 years
  Accounts Payable / Receivable  8 years
  Bank Statements 8 years
  Vendor Receipts 8 years
  Consultant/ Contractor Report/Claims 8 years
  Provident Fund, Pension Fund, Gratuity & other Statutory Records 8 years
  Payroll Records 8 years
  Attendance Records 8 years
  Personal Records of employees 8 years from termination/ retirement
  Particulars of Document Period for which Document should be retained
  Court Orders Permanent
  All other legal papers including Litigation papers, Legal Opinions, Contracts and Agreements 8 years
  Tax Exemptions and related documents, Tax Bills, receipts and payments Permanent
  Assessment Orders 15 years
  Proceedings of regular tax assessments 15 years or till closure of assessment, whichever is later
  Central Excise Records 8 years
  Income Tax Records 8 years
  Tax deducted and collected at source related documents 8 years
  Service Tax related documents 8 years
  VAT, CST and Entry Tax related documents 8 years
  Purchase & Sale Agreement , Ownership Deeds & Documents and other related documents Permanent
  Insurance Documents 8 years
  MIS Records 8 years
  E-Mail backups 8 years